Losing A Best Friend Isn’t Easy. #RIPProfessor

Losing A Best Friend Isn’t Easy. #RIPProfessor

28 May 2020 Lifestyle , Journal 7

I will never forget the day that we first brought Professor home, my brother was carrying him in his arms. Professor being a puppy, I was a little scared of going outside with him because I didn’t want him to bite me. But as he got older, I started going outside more to play with him. Like most dogs do, he liked eating all of the dog food that fell out of the bag by knocking it over. I remember when I was being bullied in middle school, I used to go to my backyard, sit on the bench we used to have, and start crying. Professor never had the best hearing, but he apparently heard me crying. He walked on over to me, rubbed his body against my legs, and sat on my feet. I would rub him while I was talking to him about what happened at school. I honestly felt like he understood for some reason, because every time I finished talking about someone picking on me, he would would lick my face to let me know that everything will be okay. When my parents and I used to go walking at the park and my old school, there were times that we took Professor for a walk with us. There were times that he would be lazy and just sit down, then there were times that he would be running, pulling us with his own leash. As he grew older, we realized that he was having problems. And the older he got, the worse the problems got. We’ve taken him to the vet a couple of times, except for this last time that he got sick. He was constantly crying, he couldn’t move, he was just laying there on the floor, next to his giant bucket with drinking water. I couldn’t bare to see him with all of his open wounds from where he used to constantly bite himself, the flies were allover him, the maggots eating him alive. I just couldn’t see him suffering anymore. I said “Good-bye” and my last “I love you” to him, walked inside the house, went into my room, and started crying. I guess after having a pet for 10 to 12 years, they become your best friend. I know he was mine and I was more than likely his. My sister-in-law offered me a ride to school, while my brother was helping my dad take Professor to the pound to be put down. I cried the whole ride there, then I cried every here and there when I was at school. I cried talking to my mentor and to my counselor. I cried during my math class, but in class, I tried to play it off as if I was yawning. It’s technically nobody’s business to know what goes on in my personal life. I didn’t want them to know because I didn’t want everyone in my class to feel bad for me, I didn’t want them all to hug me. Yes…I know, I’m saying everything on here. But…it’s mostly because I feel safe here, I get really shy talking about this type of thing in person. Whoever says that a dog is just a pet, they’re wrong! They become your companion, they become part of your family, and lastly…they become your best friend!

Professor with his favorite toy, his blue Kong Ball.

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