Brand of the month (January)

Brand of the month (January)

28 May 2020 Lifestyle , Journal 7

Barking up the right tree

One size does not fit all. Even in pet food! Ollie spotted this as an opportunity and supplies customised meal kits as part of a subscription for dog owners. With an exploding market in recipe and meal kits (see our previous article on this topic here), providing the same service for pets is a logical next step. The subscription model also makes sense as it allows Ollie to always send fresh food cooked without preservatives (and which pet owner would expose their pooch to preservatives!).

Of course the buyer of the product is still a human and Ollie has done well to appeal to the segment that shops at Whole Foods and orders from Sprig / Maple. With the premium dog food market being worth a whopping $13 billion, it’s not surprising that Ollie secured $4.4M in funding last October. Competitors include Pet Plate, Parcel Pet and although Ollie really stands out from a branding perspective. Here’s why:

1. Strong use of photography

Ollie uses lots of emotive photos of happy and excited dogs, consistently displayed on stripped-back white or coloured backgrounds. But rather than just showing hyper-edited clichés of owners with their dogs, Ollie has opted for a more fun and quirky approach in its photography.

2. Emphasis on pleasure

Right at the top of the website, Ollie talks about winning the dog’s affection through great food. This notion is repeated over and over — whether by showing the dog sniffing out the delivery box or asserting that the food is ‘bowl-lickin’ good’. This all helps to encourage owners to treat their pup to an Ollie box.

3. Focus on pure ingredients

Photos of healthy food ingredients are sprinkled throughout the website and social media. This steadily reinforces the idea that by feeding your dog with Ollie, you‘re doing something good for them.

4. Vibrant yet focused colour palette

We love the energetic set of colours used across the brand identity. What’s particularly impressive though is how consistently the palette is applied across all touch points including website, social media and food packaging.