Goodness Grows

Goodness Grows

28 May 2020 Lifestyle , Journal 7

I want to do as much good as I can while I’m here on earth.

Two volunteers unloading pet food

I’ve always been a do-gooder, even from a young age. If I were in a group of people, I could feel what someone might need. They didn’t have to say anything to me; it was just something I picked up. Oftentimes, my father would give me coins, probably to distract and occupy me, and I would go off in search of a gift for someone — a piece of Bazooka Joe bubblegum (my personal favorite), M&M’s, even Goody’s headache powder. The latter was for my father who had mentioned he had a headache. I wanted him to feel better.

I guess that “wanting people to feel better” has been a theme of mine throughout my life. A few weeks ago, I struck a deal with a local animal supply company to donate dog and cat food to distribute to people who cannot afford to feed their animal companions. Perhaps they had fallen on bad luck; perhaps they were out of a job; or perhaps they could not work at all and could hardly afford to feed themselves, much less anyone else. That’s where dog and cat food can be a lifesaver, allowing the animals to remain with their family instead of possibly being placed in a shelter.

We delivered two full truckloads across our city, stopping at several pantries and shelters. We even delivered directly to the door if we had an address. Delivery after delivery, smiles and laughter broke out. People were so appreciative and relieved that they had something good to feed their animal friends.

You know what I noticed most, though? It was people’s hearts that had opened; their hearts were now smiling. Yeah … I think I’ll keep on investing in doing good. For goodness to grow, it has to be shared first. Are you in?

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