The Eyes Have It

The Eyes Have It

28 May 2020 Lifestyle , Journal 7

My life revolves around dogs. I’m the president of MO Min Pin Rescue Corp. I rescue dogs, and they rescue me. I also dabble in acrylic painting so it was only natural that my artwork gravitated toward painting portraits of dogs. I commission portraits and donate my profits to rescue.

I begin all of my dog portraits by painting the eyes. They say the eyes are the window to the soul. The dog pictured above is Twilight. She was rescued and had to have her eyes removed immediately. I asked her mom if she wanted me to paint Twilight with eyes, and she said she would not be the same dog with eyes.

When I looked at Twilight’s photograph, I imagined little stars where the eyes once were. She doesn’t need eyes for her soul to shine. You can tell so much about a dog by looking into their eyes. (Don’t try this with unfamiliar dogs, they might see it as a challenge!)

We, as responsible caregivers to our canine companions take them to the vet and make sure that they are given the care they need to live a “normal” life. There are procedures performed on these critters that would incapacitate us for days, perhaps even weeks.

Several years ago, I adopted a Scottish Terrier from a shelter. I was told that he smelled horrible. I got him in my car and we made the long trek back home. He did, indeed, stink. But it wasn’t because he needed bathed. It was because the poor boy’s teeth were rotten. A trip to the vet determined he was in need of major dental work.

He (Dewar) had all but two of his teeth pulled. I thought his days of eating dry kibble were over forever. But I was wrong. it wasn’t long before he was eating regular food. I know humans who have had major dental surgery and were never able to eat “normally” again.

Spaying and neutering are both routine surgeries. After a couple of days of feeling a little sluggish, most dogs are up and around (often more than they should be) in no time. Imagine neutering a human male? Or performing a hysterectomy on a woman.

Some of the unimaginable things dogs go through — at the hands of uncaring, uneducated human beings, or in the name of saving their life — would scar a person forever.

They ask so little in return. Love them unconditionally and they love us back, even when we are less than lovable. ❤