Celebrating You!

Celebrating You!

28 May 2020 Lifestyle , Journal 7

True n natural
Unconditional n immense
To me
Associates itself
And unforgettably
With Oscar.

Never experienced
The power,
The expression of unsaid,
In the absence of words
That lie
Its innocence, its beauty
And innateness in its raw form

A life,a soul
Precious and more
Standing tall,
Seeking my presence
Echoes of my call
Giggle n laughter
Persevering these moments
To cease it all

As each day passed,
With time
Bound in infinity
That lay
Being immortal
With no fear of what destiny holds,
Cherish n celebrate
Of what we shared
The gift of the Present!

That matters still
Stands closer
Much more, than ever

Until my last breath…

Yours truly,

Ur Beloved sister

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